Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inspired by the "What are your current amps?" thread on the Modern Blues Harmonica Forum, I gathered up the little ones and the big ones for some pictures. I bought a house three years ago and I thought I sold a lot of amps in the process, but this photo doesn't look like I did.  I think the Dukane, RCA cab and Pro Junior are the only additions since then. 

Kalamazoo II                Silvertone 1432                       Silvertone 1482
Stadium 1x8                 Lopo 1x12 Cab                          RCA 1x10 Speaker Cab
Skip Simmons Dukane PA Head                  Skip Simmons Bogen Challenger PA Head
Fender Pro Jr.

 Mid 60s Ampeg Reverbrocket II 
(not a great harp amp, but when I play harp and guitar on the same gig I bring this one)

  Far-Tone Amp

one of only three that Scooter Berberian did in black tolex

My first amp was a late 70s Silverface Princeton Reverb. I bought it when I was 16 and it was one of the amps I sold when I bought my house. It was a great amp. It was a very bright amp so I just put the bass all the way up and the treble all the way down and it sounded great. 

I bought a used 59 Bassman reissue in college and had that amp for many years. It was good but not great. It took a long time to warm up and always sounded much better the second set.I sold that to a harmonica student of mine when I was living in LA and bought a Kinder Mod Bassman from a friend of Rod Piazza's, sax and harp player Allen Ortiz.If you saw me live between 99 and 2009, you probably heard that amp. It cut through the band and never needed to be miced but it was very midrangey and I just kinda got tired of the sound. I was playing enough where I thought I needed a second big amp as a back up and came across the used Meteor and got that. 

I'm not a gear head. I can't afford to be. When I buy something it's usually because I got a ridiculous deal and I make sure it' will be practical because I'm going to keep it A LONG time.


  1. Yes. Far-Tone.
    When I lived in LA we used to call that Tiny Grimes/Willie Johnson exploding amp guitar sound the fart tone. When we did our first CD we decided to call out record company Far-Tone.